An End to Thirst

It’s midday and the sun is relentless – only an outcast would be going to the well at this time.  Although she doesn’t know it, this woman, this outcast, has a date with destiny.  After today nothing will ever be the same again.  

She sees a man, hot and weary by the well.  He asks her for a drink.  A shocking thing that, because he is a Jew, and this is Samaria around 30 AD.  The Jews and the Samaritans had been enemies for hundreds of years. 

And so she meets a total stranger.  He has deliberately set up this meeting.  He knows all about her.  Who is he?  If she knew, then she would ask him for living water.  Though she doesn’t know it, this is what she really needs.  It is the offer of a deep, permanently satisfying spiritual experience.

“The water I give”, says the Lord Jesus Christ, “Will become in you A well of water, surging up to eternal life . . . bring your husband, and we’ll talk about it.”  Her cagey response is “I don’t have a husband”.  In truth she’s had five husbands and probably a string of broken relationships too.  AND THIS MAN KNOWS ALL ABOUT IT.

Convicted of her sin, she hides behind a long-standing religious argument to change the subject.  “Where should we worship?”  But he won’t be side-tracked.  True religion isn’t about externals.  “God is spirit and those who worship him must worship in spirit and truth.”  How different is God’s way to ours: it’s what’s in the heart that matters.

And so this lonely woman is beginning to realise that this is much more than a thirsty man – perhaps much more than a prophet.  “I know that Messiah is coming, and when he does, he will tell us all things.”  “I am that Messiah” the man replies.  And so she leaves her water pot – she’s found the living water – and life was never the same again.

Was she looking for a spiritual experience?  Well she was certainly looking for something.  Like everyone else she wanted happiness, security, and to know that she was loved.  But she was looking in all the wrong places.  In the end, and only through the mercy of God, she found it all – in the Lord Jesus Christ.  He is the source of a life-long never ending satisfaction which goes on into eternity.  “Whoever drinks of the water that I shall give him will never thirst.”  What a man – what a promise.


  • We must know who the Lord Jesus Christ is
  • The Lord knows all about us – and still offers the Living Water
  • Sin must be faced up to – and left behind
  • We must ask for this Living Water
  • We won’t be refused – no-one is ever turned away

This story is found in the Bible, in John’s gospel chapter 4. If you would like a free copy of John’s gospel to read the story for yourself, please do contact us. We’d be delighted to send you one.

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