Lonely this Christmas?

Lonely Christmas?

Are you dreading a lonely and an empty Christmas? Loneliness is a trap that drains life of its joys. It can cause misery, despair and depression. We may be lonely because we have no one to share our joys or to support us in our sorrows. We may feel lonely because we haven’t a friend to whom we can turn for help, someone who really understands us.

Loneliness respects no one. It may strike suddenly when death snatches a loved one from us. It may come when our marriage partner deserts us, or when a close friend shuns us for no apparent reason. We may be lonely because we find it difficult to make friends or keep them.

It is possible to be lonely in a crowd or even at a Christmas party. Many people dread Christmas because it seems to make their loneliness more painful. Television may provide an escape for a few hours, but when it is switched off, the loneliness is switched back on.

There is also a loneliness in life without God. He made us for himself, but our sin separates us from him. The good news is that the Lord Jesus Christ came into the world to die on a cross for sinners. Though he had many friends, the Lord Jesus Christ experienced loneliness while here on earth;

  • Loneliness through rejection by his own nation
  • Loneliness through rejection by one of his own disciples
  • Loneliness when he was mocked, tortured and crucified
  • Loneliness when he cried from a broken heart, “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?”

The Lord Jesus rose in triumph from the grave. His resurrection brings hope for everyone, including lonely people. Read Ivy’s story (below).

Ivy’s Story

It was not a happy Christmas! My husband had walked out on me a few months earlier. He had been having an affair. He had left me six years earlier and returned. I had forgiven him, but now he was gone – for good! My world seemed to collapse. I was 37 years old and I felt angry and bitter. I was left to fend for myself and our two young children. I did my best to make it a happy Christmas for them, but there wasn’t much to celebrate.

Rejected and Lonely

The divorce left me feeling hurt and rejected, but I was grateful for the support of my parents and my husband’s widowed mother. I went out to work so that I could provide for myself and the children. One-parent family life was a struggle. The children were too young to really understand. I often felt lonely. Very lonely.

A Wonderful Friend

After the trauma of divorce, I turned my thoughts to God. I decided to go to church. I was amazed to learn that God’s love is so great, that he sent his son into the world to save sinners. Though the Lord Jesus was sinless, he was punished for sinful humans. I learned that he rose from the grave and he lives today.

I confessed my sin to the Lord Jesus and asked him to forgive me. He came into my life and changed me completely. I’m now older, and have been a Christian for over thirty years. The Lord Jesus has been a faithful friend who has never let me down. I have also found good friends at church. I am able to enjoy Christmas with my children and grandchildren. Christmas is also more wonderful because Jesus, who was born at Bethlehem, is my friend and saviour.

If you can, get along to church this Christmas

We have services every Sunday at 11.00am and 6.30pm and we also have a service on Christmas Day at 10.30am. You would be very welcome to join us.

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