The time of your life?

Why does time seem to pass by ever more quickly? An hour is just as long as it ever was. Remember the school holidays? Six weeks seemed forever – now six months whistles by in the blink of an eye. The older we get, the faster we feel that life goes by.

Think About It

Have you ever realised that this is a built in safety device from God? That the impression that time is speeding up is to remind us that time is running out?

How short life is: 40 – 60 – even 80 years is a long time; but it is also a very brief time. As someone said at the grave of his elderly mother “It had to happen – but it’s always too soon”.

As Time Goes By

The Bible compares our lives to a field of grass. In the distance are the mountains: so solid, so permanent. The grass flourishes in the morning, but in the evening it fades and then withers. Like the grass we too are soon gone “We fly away”. And the mountains are still there. And before the mountains existed there was God. He is from everlasting to everlasting.

It is to God that we go when we die. By making time appear to speed up He is giving us a reminder of things we would otherwise push to the back of our minds. God is wise and kind. We need to be kind to ourselves and respond to His offer of salvation in the Lord Jesus Christ while there is time. That too is wisdom.

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