Elders Appointed at Chorlton Evangelical Church

Sunday 4th December 2011 marked a significant day for Chorlton Evangelical Church with the public recognition of Mr Richard Clark and Mr Matthew Cox as elders. This is the first time the church has appointed elders to work alongside the pastor and follows a reform of the church constitution and mode of church government.

During the morning service, Pastor Walter Johnston addressed the congregation, highlighting the Bible’s teaching on Eldership. He then read a number of vows to both men, asking them to promise to devote themselves to the care of the church, to faithfully minister the Word of God, to pray for the church and its members and to live as examples before them.

Elders’ Vows

Do you promise, in dependence upon God’s grace, to devote yourselves to the oversight and care of the flock of God and Chorlton Evangelical Church, whatever difficulties or opposition you may face on that account?
I do

By God’s grace, will you be faithful and diligent in exercising all of your duties as elders, ministering the Word, praying for the church and each of its members, and promoting the purity and peace of the fellowship?
I will

Will you endeavour in your own lives to guard against sin and walk closely with God as examples before this congregation?
I will

Do you promise to maintain the truths of the Gospel as summarized in the church’s Basis of Faith and to teach faithfully the Word of God, never holding back anything which the Bible teaches?
I do

Members of the church then stood and vowed to receive Richard and Matthew as gifts to the church, to honour them both as servants of Christ and to support, encourage and pray for them in their ministry.

Members’ Vows

I ask you, the members of this church, do you now receive Richard and Matthew as elders among you, as gifts of Christ to this church?
We do

Will you give them the honour and love due to their calling as servants of Christ? Will you support, encourage and pray for them in their ministry? Will you receive their teaching from the Word of God and submit to their authority as leaders set over you by God?
We will

Pastor Johnston then read from Acts 20 before laying hands on Richard and Matthew and commending them to God in prayer.


We received the following message from our friends at Grace Baptist Church, Stockport which was read out during the service:

From the brothers and sisters at Grace, Stockport, to all the members and friends worshipping at Chorlton Evangelical Church.

We were delighted to hear that the Lord has opened the way for you to call Richard and Matthew to serve as elders. We will be praying with you this morning as you set them aside for this new role. We pray and trust that the church will be greatly enriched through their ministries, that they will be filled with the Holy Spirit in a new way, that they will grow in grace and usefulness as the years go by, and that their families will be protected and blessed. Matt, Richard, may God keep you from all temptations and use you greatly.

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