The truth about God


Look at your watch. Was it designed or did it just happen?

The answer is obvious – designed.

And because there is design there must be a designer.

Look at the world – much more complex than your watch.

Is it an accident? No way.

There is a design so there must be a designer.

This is just one evidence that makes believing in the existence of God more reasonable than not.

Biologist Edward Conklin wrote, “The probability of life originating by accident is comparable to the probability of a dictionary resulting from an explosion in a printing works”.

But what is God like? He is…


Look at the world around us. If someone designed and made all this, that someone must be powerful. How foolish we are to treat God with anything other than respect and reverence. Because He is all-powerful He knows all things – even our secret thoughts.


Not just a force behind the Universe – God is personal. He likes and dislikes. He has a name – in fact many names. Because God is personal it means He can be known. That is why Jesus came – to make the Father (God) known.


No wrong or evil in any part of His character or personality. The Bible proclaims, ‘God is light, in Him there is no darkness at all.’

God’s purity is seen in His hatred of sin. Sin is all that is not pure and all that is not in obedience to God’s laws.

God’s purity is seen in His punishment of sin.

That’s why God will be our judge one day.


God is eternally the same, He never changes. We don’t love God with all our hearts, and break His perfect laws. We are not pure and our guilt remains.

God always punishes our sin. He does this in two ways: either we bear the punishment for our sin, or the Lord Jesus Christ does.

When the Lord Jesus Christ died on the cross He was acting as a substitute. He was being punished in the place of all those who would believe in Him.

Alternatively, God punishes all those who don’t turn from their sin. That is, all those who never begin a new life through faith in Jesus, and who remain unrepentant and unbelieving.


Because He is loving – God freely forgives all those who turn to Him, and makes them His children. He gives them a new, fresh start and the power to begin pleasing Him.

You must urgently seek these things. What a terrible thing – to go into eternity and meet God’s anger. But how wonderful to go into eternity knowing that your sin has been dealt with already.


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