The truth about Man

A modern philosopher said:

‘Man is little more than a chance deposit… carelessly thrown up between ice-ages by the same forces that rust iron and ripen corn’.

The chemists say you are mostly water but do have:

  • enough fat for 7 bars of soap,
  • iron enough for 1 medium sized nail,
  • phosphorous enough to tip 2200 matches,
  • potash enough to explode 1 toy crane,
  • sulphur enough to rid 1 dog of fleas.

If that’s all you are, then you are only worth a few pounds and are of very little importance.

The Bible, however, declares you to be much more valuable.

1. You were carefully made for a purpose

You are of great value because God is your maker.

Believing this is much more reasonable than believing that you are only ‘time plus chance’ or a random selection of atoms. From birth to death, from conception to the last heart-beat, we live as a physical frame which is more finely engineered than anything we could make ourselves.

2. You are different from the animals

The Bible says you are different because you are made in the image of God.

  • You are in the image of God in the fact that you can reason. You have the power to think, question, plan and argue.
  • You are in the image of God because you have a sense of justice. You have a conscience and know something of the difference between right and wrong. That’s why guilt is felt.
  • You are in the image of God because you have emotions. You have the ability to love, to be sad or glad.
  • You are in the image of God because you have a spiritual life.
  • You are body and soul. Most people have forgotten the soul and only think of the body. But the soul is more important because this is what determines our eternity. The body dies, but the soul lives forever either in heaven or hell.

3. Worse than the animals

Because we are able to reason and know right and wrong, we are responsible for the way we live. The Bible tells us that when God first looked at what he had made he was very pleased. But that can’t be said now.

G. K. Chesterton wrote, ‘Whatever else is, or is not true, this one thing is certain – man is not what he was meant to be’.

The animals haven’t rebelled against God but man has. Man has broken off the very thing he was designed for – a friendship with God.

That’s why man is like he is – lost, without purpose, wicked, doing all kinds of wrong things and making the barrier between himself and God all the greater.

Man is now like one of those ruined abbeys. You can see that at one time it was glorious, but now it’s in ruins.

The truth is that God formed us, but we are now deformed by our own rebellion to his perfect ways. We are in ruins physically – we must die, and spiritually – we are far away from God and on the road to the endless horror of the emptiness of Hell.

But we can be transformed. That’s why the perfect man came – Jesus. His life is what we should have lived, a life of perfect obedience to God. But Jesus came to transform our lives and make us into what God desires us to be.

The Bible says, ‘If any man is in Christ (a true Christian), he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come.’


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