The truth about the Bible

‘Boring!’:  No – it tells of the best news in all the world, about the greatest experience you could ever know.

‘Out of date!’: Old – but not out of date. It deals with all our modern problems, telling us the reason for them and the ultimate cure.

In fact, the Bible makes every other book look small.

The best-seller

The Bible was the first major book to be translated into another language. It has been translated into more than 1,500 languages. And it continues to be the No. 1 best-seller.

The best survivor

‘Burn it!’ – ‘Bury it!’ – ‘Edit it!’ – ‘Laugh at it!’

Throughout history there have been men who were devoted enemies of the Bible and tried to destroy it. But they have always failed. God says, ‘My words will never pass away.’

The biggest claims

It claims to be a message from God to you.

Nearly 4,000 times in the first part of the Bible there are sentences such as ‘God says’ or ‘God spoke’.

There are many witnesses to the fact that the Bible is God’s word to us.

The following are some of them…

WITNESS NO.1: Digging up the past

Nelson Glueck, the famous archaeologist, writes, ‘It may be stated categorically that no archaeological discovery has ever controverted a biblical reference.’

Both Sir William Ramsey & William Albright, two of the greatest archaeologists, back that statement up.

WITNESS NO.2: Looking into the future

Many predict things today but we soon find out that their predictions were false or so vague that anything could be read into them. However, the Bible prophecies were detailed and many thousands of them have been fulfilled precisely.

Psalm 22 was written hundreds of years before Christ, and yet here his death is described in detail, even before crucifixion was ever designed by man.

Jesus vividly described the destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans and 40 years later it happened just as he had said it would.

WITNESS NO.3: United it stands

To get any group of people to agree totally is hard, even from the same political party.

Yet the Bible was written by 40 men, on three continents – Africa, Asia and Europe – over a period of about 1.500 years. The writers came from many types of backgrounds, but they all agree. And agree on the most controversial subjects ever – God, Man, Heaven, Hell etc. This shows that there is a greater author behind the written words.

WITNESS NO. 4: Changed lives

Bad people have become good. Sad people have become glad. Empty people have found purpose. Those living a lie have found the truth.

The message of this book is life-changing.

Why don’t you start reading the Bible today? Stop truth decay and read God’s word. Start by reading one of the gospels – Matthew, Mark, Luke or John – in the New Testament. See the wisdom, beauty and truth of Jesus Christ.

Read the greatest love story ever told – of Jesus, willingly dying to rescue you from eternal punishment. Of how you can know God’s forgiveness.

The Bible is God speaking to you – will you listen and read His Word? – His warnings? – His way of salvation?


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